About Dhalai District

1. History : Dhalai District was created in the year of 1995 by bifurcating North Tripura District and including part of Amarpur Sub-Division of the South Tripura District. It was created keeping in view the administrative exigency of providing development & good governance to the largely Tribal & inaccessible areas. The District is named after Dhalai river which originates in the District.

2. Geography : Located in the North-eastern part of Tripura, the District covers an area of about 2426 sq km. It is mainly located between two hills namely 'Atharamura range' & 'Sakhan Range'. More than 70% area is hilly and forest covered. The terrain is mostly undulating & hilly with small water streams (chharas) , rivers and fertile valleys intervening. Major rivers originating from Dhalai are Dhalai, Khowai, Gomati & Manu. Major hills are Atharamura, Longtharai, Kalajhari & part of Sakhan. The District headquarter at Ambassa is located at a distance of about 85 km from the State capital Agartala. It is connected through National Highway (NH-44) and takes around 2(two) - 3(three) hours to reach the District headquarter from Agartala. Meter Gauge Railway link has already been established at Ambassa. The District is surrounded by Bangladesh on the Northern & Southern sides.

More to Know About Dhalai District