Map of Dhalai Tripura
Major Attractions
Longtharai Mandir, Kamaleswari Mandir, Rash Fair of Manipuri community, Lebang Bumani, Dhamail of Bengali community, Hajagiri
Longtharai Mandir
Longtharai is the name of Lord Shiva in KOK-BOROK language, according to the Tribal dialect of Tripura. There is a myth which says that Shiva on his return from Kailash rested here for sometime in the hill of Longtharai. The hill is therefore known as Longtharai. Longtharai also means a Deep Valley. This temple is also one of the most popular tourist spot of the Dhalai District.
Kamaleswari Mandir
The temple is situated in the Kamalpur Nagar Panchayat of the Dhalai District. This Temple is located in the center of the town and a major pilgrimage spot. Kamaleswari is another name of Goddess Kali. Kamalpur the largest Sub-divisional Town has been named after the temple. Kamaleswari Mandir is about 35 kms away from Ambassa,District H.Q of Dhalai and 122 kms from Agartala the State capital of Tripura.
Raas Fair of Manipuri community
* Every year Raas Mela is celebrated in honor of Lord Krishna and his eternal love Sri Radhika. The Raas Mela is mainly celebrated in Salema area of Dhalai but these days also observed in different parts of the District. The popular procession called Raas Yatra, is the main attraction for tourists, the yatra features clay models which depicts the deeds and various phases of Lord Krishna's life. Manipuri community celebrates this festival with greater enthusiasm.
Map of Dhalai Tripura
* Raas Festival is celebrated in the month of December.
Attractive Dance
  1. Lebung Bumani : This is a famous Dance of the Reang community. The dance is performed standing on a bottle as well as keeping a bottle on the forehead
  2. Dhamail of Bengali community (Group Dance)
  3. Hajagiri : Another Dance of the Riang Community
Dhalai the district of Tripura is 70 percent covered with hills and forests. Atharamura, Longtharai and Sakhantang are the major Hills Tracks. Tourists are attracted for its unique natural beauty.