training schedules for 2010-2011

Sl No Name of the Block Months Batch No
1 Chawmanu May,June,July ATC-1 to ATC-16
Auguest,September,October ATC-17 to ATC-28
November,December,January ATC-29 to ATC-40
February,March ATC-42 to ATC-47
2 Manu May, June ATM-1 to ATM-8
July,Auguest ATM-9 to ATM -16
September,October ATM-17 to ATM-24
November,December ATM-25 to ATM-32
January,February,March ATM-33 to ATM-40
3 Dumburnagar May, June ATD-1 to ATD-8
July,Auguest ATD-9 to ATD -16
September,October ATD-17 to ATD-24
November,December ATD-25 to ATD-32
January,February,March ATD-33 to ATD-40
4 Ambassa May, June ATA-1 to ATA-8
July,Auguest ATA-9 to ATA -16
September,October ATA-17 to ATA-24
November,December ATA-25 to ATA-32
January,February,March ATA-33 to ATA-40
5 Salema May, June ATS-1 to ATS-12
July,Auguest ATS-13 to ATS -20
September,October ATS-21 to ATS-28
November,December ATS-29 to ATS-36
January,February,March ATS-37 to ATS-38